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Popular and Safe
Air soft guns are harmless providing safety rules are observed. Airsoft shooting is probably one of the safest and most popular sports enjoyed in the world today. Observe the law and observe your and other peoples safety at all times.
Safety Advice
  • Always read any instructions provided carefully before use.
  • Never point any airsoft, bb or air gun at yourself, or any person or animal.
  • Never look down the barrel of any airsoft, bb or air gun
  • Never fire any airsoft, bb or air gun in a public place.
  • Only use any airsoft, bb or air gun where you have permission to shoot.
  • Do not fire any gun without the magazine inserted.
  • Switch off the safety catch before pulling the trigger.
  • Check the gun is not loaded when picking up.
  • Always treat the gun as loaded.
  • Always carry your gun securely and completely covered up if you have to be in any public place.
  • Never attempt to dismantle your gun. This would void the 90 day warranty.
  • Never leave your gun unattended and keep out of the reach of everyone except yourself.
  • Always wear protective goggles or face mask when shooting.
  • Always use a large safe backstop to catch your bb and place any backstop carefully. No ammunition should be allowed to go over the boundary of your property.
  • Take good care and maintenance of your gun. We cannot replace or refund abused or misused products.
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