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What are Airsoft Guns and BB Guns?
They are scale replicas of actual guns manufactured by such famous names as Colt, Smith & Wesson, Walther and Sig Sauer. Apart from some smaller pocket models they are 1:1 scale replicas.

Manufactured mostly in plastic and high impact ABS resin (some with metal components) airsoft guns are accurate in detail to that of actual official firearm models.

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How BB Guns Work
BB guns work on the same principle as is used in air guns. They use compressed air to force bb guns and sometimes other types of pellets from the barrels of the guns. Most bb guns have to be cocked each time in order to make a shot. This is enough to ensure that bb guns aren't likely to go off by accident and are quite safe in that regard. Still, it is advisable to never leave any gun, bb gun or otherwise, where children can easily get them. Simply because you cannot rule out the possibility for bb guns to be capable of injury. It is, in fact, reported that bb guns are responsible for about four deaths a year in the USA. This number of deaths per year for bb guns may be low, especially in comparison with deaths caused by other types of guns, but even this number is not justifiable because deaths due to bb guns are completely avoidable. So if you choose to purchase and keep a bb gun around, be sure to follow the guidelines for gun safety that you would for any type of gun.

The first and foremost rule for safety in regards to bb guns is to always use a lock on the trigger, even for the pump variety of bb guns. In addition, it is always best to keep it locked up in a gun case whenever it's not being used. And, never leave bb guns loaded.

Most bb guns have to be cocked each time in order to make a shot. This means bb guns aren't likely to go off by accident and are quite safe in that regard. Still, no gun, bb gun or otherwise, should be left where young children can easily get them. Always use a lock on the trigger, even for the pump variety of bb guns and keep it locked up in a gun case whenever it's not being used. Make sure that bb guns are never left loaded.

Unloading the BB's out of the BB guns might seem troublesome each time, but it is worth the effort than to risk your injury to you or to those around you by accidentally triggering it. One last bit of suggestion: whenever using the BB gun, it should always be pointed towards the ground unless you are ready to shoot the target. The reckless pointing of the gun without aiming has led to many an accident.

Article supplied by the kind permission of Bebe Pistle the proprieter of BB Gunn, the source for all your BB Gun knowledge. More information available at:

What Ammo do they Use?
They fire 6mm plastic BB gun bullets and are intended for target shooting and 'plinking'.

BB Guns are low in power which is measured in joules. One joule being the maximum of any model with some as low as 0.02 joules. As a comparison, 0.5 joules equals the bounce back force of a tennis ball dropped onto a hard surface from just 1 metre high.

An instruction manual is included with each airsoft gun, explaining the function of the model and the safety rules to respect. Most airsoft guns are powered by air and plunger systems but there are also gas, electric and CO2 powered models.

Popular and Safe
Air soft guns are not dangerous providing safety rules are observed. Airsoft shooting is a popular sport enjoyed in many parts of the world. Observe the law and observe your and other peoples safety at all times.
Hop Up System Hop Up System
The Hop Up system creates spin. When the bullet is fired there is friction on the upper side creating an upward spin. This pushes the bullet more effectively against gravity, wind and air enabling it to travel further with greater accuracy.
Spring Operated Spring Operated
Spring operated bb guns are cocked each time manually by sliding the top action backwards and forwards.
Gas Operated Gas Operated
Gas guns need filling with for example, American Eagle Aerosol Gas. The gas is filled into the gun magazine enabling the gun to be operated semi-automatically eliminating the need to cock each time between shots. Some models fill directly into the gun.
Electric Electric
The electric symbol means no cocking of the gun is required. Insert the correct batteries into the gun and you are ready for fast firing and full auto recoil blowback effect.
Recoil Blowback Recoil Blowback
These models give a realistic recoil effect as the top sliding action flies back on each shot.
Mini Electic Series Mini Electic Series
These are miniature rifles and are powered by 4xAA batteries. They can fire up to 130bb shots fully automatically in one burst.
Pocket Model and Magtop Pocket Model and Magtop
This is a range of attractive, small, pocket-sized, air soft guns popular with bb gun collectors. Available in hop up, gas and also Magtop models which have increased power.
Game Guns Game Guns
These are spring operated, lightweight, low power guns. Part red and in a choice of models they are great fun for indoor or outdoor use.
AEG Automatic Electric Guns
Electrically powered airsoft guns are known as AEGs which is short for Automatic Electric Guns. AEG guns are often modelled on rifles or sub-machine guns and they can fire in semi or full automatic mode. Click to see the AEG section.
CO2 Gas Guns
CO2 airguns are powered by CO2 capsules especially designed for this purpose. Although the concept was first developed in the 1800's, it was only with the recent development and introduction of the multiple shot CO2 airguns with cylinder magazines and the new style disposable CO2 capsules, which has increased popularity with airgun shooters today.

Today CO2 airguns have more complex construction than actual firearms. Models vary but most actual firearms consist of 40-50 single component parts while the CO2 equivelant airgun features between 80-90 components, being manufactured in incredible detail and with great precision. Easily operated by simply inserting the CO2 capsule into the pistol causing this to be mechanically pierced by a bolt during closing. Pulling the trigger causes the hammer to hit the pestle opening a valve in order that the gaseous CO2 escapes and projects the ammunition.

The majority of the models available today depend on a cylinder style magazine and are either single or double action firing. Whichever style CO2 pistol that you decide upon i.e. revolver, semi-auto or blow back, you are assured to experience fast powerful accurate and addictive fun

C02 Power Adaptor C02 Power Adaptor

The new CO2 adaptor allows Air Soft gas guns to be converted to CO2 power thus increasing power by up to 100% and accuracy by up to 70%. By providing a consistent power flow through the magazine, the CO2 adaptor would increase the number of shots per capsule compared to that of gas charged guns. This easy to operate and quick change capsule system is a new revolution for the air soft industry. Suitable for Summer and Winter shooting.

We have arange of C02 Gas BB Guns and co2 powered pistols.


Airsoft Pistols
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